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The Daily Bugle

A Spider-Man Fan Community

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The Daily Bugle is an LJ community devoted to discussion of all aspects of the Spider-Man phenonmenon: from the comics to the films and everything in between.

Community Rules

Membership: Membership to this community is open; all you need is a love of any part of the Spider-Man mythos. However, we ask that you treat your fellow community members with respect, even when their opinions differ from your own.

Attitude: Please keep in mind that this community is devoted to discussion comic books, not politics or ethics. Do not take everything seriously! If someone hates the character you love, that's their perogative. If Member A thinks Artist B sucks, that's their loss. It's not the end of the world. We're here to have fun and share our enjoyment of all things Spidey.

Content: This community covers all aspects of the Spider-Man fandom: comics, films and toys included. Although we are primarily devoted to discussion and debate, Fanart and Fanfiction are welcome. If you plan to post a particularly huge image or story, you might want to think about either linking to it, or putting it in an LJ-cut. Basically, anything within the community topic is more than welcome!

Please, NO FLAMING. There is always another way to sort out a problem. If we see you flaming, or spot someone else trying to start trouble, the culprit will be banned. Simple. We are being generous allowing anyone to freely join this community and we expect you to repay that by treating this community and it's members with respect.

Do that, and we'll all get along fine - after all, we've got a lot in common. :)