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Here's what I don't get [Feb. 14th, 2006|12:50 pm]
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From what I know of the Ultimate version of Venom the symbiote's really just a suit that was designed to cure cancer. It's not much with the brains itself but that's not really the point. The thing about it that really kinda bites is that there's a major plot·hole involved with it.

See, Pete wears it for a time and then breaks free of it...after which he destroyed the thing. Eddie Brock had the good sense to make more than one version of the suit and after he figured Pete's whole power trip with it he figured he'd give it a shot himself. Now, the problem with this is that the suit started making moves and decisions, overriding Brock for the most part, as though it had the memories from it's being connected to Pete...

...only this suit was never attached to Pete. That was a different suit that had been destroyed. You read all the little boxes and character thoughts and it's all pointing to the suit knowing the whole of Pete's deal from his having worn it...which he didn't.

I like to think the guy's at Marvel aren't this dumb. Then again, they could've had a kegger in the office that day.

So, what's the deal with this mess?

[User Picture]From: frostedtulip
2006-07-29 12:24 pm (UTC)

The cartoon is different

Yeah, I know it's not the same as the comics, but Jetix show the 94-97 cartoon, which, according to Wikipedia is "It is generally acclaimed to be the most accurate TV adaptation of the famous superhero in terms of art and general atmosphere".

And the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider-Man:_The_Animated_Series.

Anyway, from what the cartoon tells us about Venom [and it's quite detailed: at least a 3part series including a DVD version] it's that the symbiote is alive, and sticks to whoever wears it or comes into contact with it. Spidey's obviously concerned about this, and visits Dr. Connors because he feels like it's controlling him, bringing out the anger in him without Peter's consent.
They find out that it's a living organism, and if left for too long can bond with and replicate the users DNA - which causes a panic to get rid of it before there's no more Peter, just Venom. However, the symbiote can't stand loud noises, and frees from Pete to Eddie. It bonds with Eddie because he's a lot angrier than Peter, and from there I'm sure the two storylines are very similar, if not the same.
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