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New Comic Book Blog! [Nov. 11th, 2008|10:43 pm]
The Daily Bugle
I hope no one minds me posting this here;

Krypton Rays Fuel My Ultimate Cosmic Rocket Machine Suit.
One in every thousand readers exhibits genuine superhuman abilities!

Make no mistake, it is the sexiest, most informative, downright fun resource for Comic Book reviews on the internet right now. Various celebrities have cited it as the second coming of Jesus Christ in Comic Blog form.

Krypton Rays will make you more attractive to the opposite sex... hell, even to the same sex... Krypton Rays will improve your body odour, Krypton Rays won't make you breathe under water, but might bestow this and other abilities upon your future offspring. Krypton Rays will raise your Sperm Count.

****Whilst reading Krypton Rays, it is imperative that you not operate heavy machinery, unless otherwise stated by your GP. Do not read Krypton Rays if you are pregnant - as it has been known to upset the foetus in the womb. Drinking will not adversely affect you whilst reading Krypton Rays, but may in fact improve the experience - and help you reach a perpetual state of drunken orgasm.

In no known cases has Krypton Rays ever shown to be responsible for Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes, or Scottish. In rare circumstances - it may expand your mind, broadening your perceptions to a point where you might look upon God in his entirety and weep. Also there have been cases of increased Libido, sexual prowess and so forth - this is natural, and should go away completely if you cease reading Krypton Rays.****

When reading Krypton Rays it is strongly suggested that you read from left to right, as this is the format in which it has been written. Attempts to read Krypton Rays from right to left have been known to result in dementia and/or temporal/dimensional displacement. Krypton Rays is not responsible for your well-being should this potential inevitability arise.

Krypton Rays is - and always will be non-profit. No subscription will now, or ever be needed to read Krypton Rays. To start your free trial period of Krypton Rays, please visit this page; http://kryptonrays.livejournal.com/
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Spectacular Spider-Man community [Mar. 10th, 2008|07:42 pm]
The Daily Bugle


Summer is over for Peter Parker and school's ready to start -- both literally, and in the real world of crime-fighting. These are the adventures of The Spectacular Spider-Man!

"This is the first fan community for The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series- the newest Spidey cartoon by Sony Pictures Animation, airing Saturday mornings on the Kid’s WB.

If you’re a fan of this new series, or Spider-Man in general, we hope you’ll have fun discussing this new cartoon with us! This community will be a source of information, discussions and artwork related to the series and it’s creators.


(Sorry if this isn't allowed, go ahead and delete with my apologies if it isn't!)
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Spider-Man RiffTrax Available [Nov. 20th, 2007|03:01 am]
The Daily Bugle

Mystery Science Theater 3000's Mike Nelson is joined by Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett for their RiffTrax of the 2002 film Spider-Man!

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Please take your time to answer this (2mins). Thank you in advance! [Oct. 11th, 2007|11:01 pm]
The Daily Bugle

Poll #1069631 WHAT TO SELL? (Please check all that applies otherwise leave it blank)

What Naruto collectible are you most interested in buying?

Naruto Stickers
Naruto Posters
Naruto Figurines
Naruto Necklaces
Naruto Plush Dolls
Naruto Keychains
Naruto Forehead Protector

What kawaii stuff are you most interested in buying?

Teddy Bears wearing fruit hoodies (watermelon, strawberry, banana, etc.)
Fruit Necklaces
Other (rugs, fruit inflatable chair, etc.)

What Amazing Spider-man comic issue are you most interested in buying?

What music memorabilia are you most interested in buying?

Band used guitar picks
Other (shirts, caps, pins, ntbks, etc.)
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Bring Spider-Man Back to New York! [May. 28th, 2007|10:03 pm]
The Daily Bugle
Hey, webheads!  I'm samguthrie1, and I've got a mission that you might be interested in.

Here's the story. In 1987, the Spider-Man balloon made it's first appearance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The balloon was created thanks to the talent and efforts of Manford Bass, a specialist in crafting large-size inflatables, and John Romita Sr., famed comic artist who has been recognized as one of the premiere Spidey artists. The balloon was a staple of the parade for many years until the late 1990s when it vanished, seemingly without any explanation.

However, after meeting with John Romita Jr. at a recent comic book convention in NYC, I learned that the reason for the balloon's disappearance was tied into the bankruptcy incident that Marvel faced in the mid-90s, not because it caused an accident (which it did not), as many people have believed to be the reason. While Marvel was saved from bankruptcy after being bought out, the Spidey balloon was one of the things that didn't make the transition with the company. With no backing, the balloon was removed from the parade lineup. Needless to say, the parade has not been the same without the wall-crawler.

For years, this has bothered me, and recently, I have decided to do something about it. I have started a campaign to bring the Spider-Man balloon back into the parade, or, as a back-up plan, have a Marvel Comics-themed float in the parade. I have been been spreading the word around as best as I can, and both options have gotten a lot of support. Along the way, I have gotten support from some major names in the comic industry, including comic artists Frank Cho and Leinil Yu, and Marvel Comics editor Andy Schmidt. Recently, Matthew Atherton, aka Feedback, the winner on the first season of "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" on the Sci-fi channel, has just contributed his support to my cause as well!

Over time, I have also come to realize that this is not simply an effort to get a balloon back into a parade. This also serves, in a way, to give the comic book industry a little more public recognition. After all, with a character like Spider-Man being seen by so many individuals, it might encourage more people to read comic books. So if you are a comic book fan who wishes to see comics gain more recognition, it is my strongest recommendation that you show your support as soon as possible.

If you are interested, you can sign up at the following link:
(NOTE: That's a lower-case L before the 2 on the link. It's a reference to the Marvel 2099 comic line. I'm just afraid that some people would confuse it with the number 1.)

Also, to supplement my efforts, I have set up a letter-writing campaign over on ComicSpace, which can be found at:

If you are a Spider-Man fan, a Marvel Maniac, or if you just enjoy reading comic books in general, then I urge you to sign up today!!! I can't do this without your help!!!!
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New Spider-Man book [Mar. 9th, 2007|04:57 pm]
The Daily Bugle

Hey all,

Just wanted to pop by and let you know about a book that's just come out: Webslinger, edited by Gerry Conway (former Spider-Man comics writer). It's a collection of short nonfic pieces on Spider-Man (the comics version(s) and the movie version) that covers everything from why Spider-Man's better than Superman and who reinvented Spidey better, Bendis or Raimi, to Spider-Man as hero of the working class and why Spider-Man has more in common with horror flicks than other comics.

Cover under the cut tag!Collapse )

You'll eventually be able to read more at Smart Pop Books, but there's at least a little info now here.

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Are they yanking my chain? [Feb. 23rd, 2006|11:57 pm]
The Daily Bugle

[mood |excitedexcited]

Hey guys, I've never posted on here before but I felt now was as good a time as any. I just got an email from sony that has Spidey wearing a black suit. Yup, I said black. I'm not sure if its their spin on the symbiote costume or if they are just being artsy and pulling our leg. I took a screen shot of the email so here ya go - Image hosting by Photobucket
In Sony's message board, someone said that if you rotate the image 90 degrees CW and zoom in on Spidey's eye lense, there is an image of two eyes and teeth(venom?). I tried doing that in photoshop but couldnt get the image sharp enough to make that out...if anything I see a rather pointy face in there but that could just be the pixels messin with me. So uh..yeah :)
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Here's what I don't get [Feb. 14th, 2006|12:50 pm]
The Daily Bugle

[mood |curiouscurious]
[Soundtrack |House of the Dead 2]

dailybugle, human_spider, lethalprotector, spider_man_fans, spiderman_love, ultimate_marvel, web_shooter, & Spidey's HangoutWebheads

From what I know of the Ultimate version of Venom the symbiote's really just a suit that was designed to cure cancer. It's not much with the brains itself but that's not really the point. The thing about it that really kinda bites is that there's a major plot·hole involved with it.

See, Pete wears it for a time and then breaks free of it...after which he destroyed the thing. Eddie Brock had the good sense to make more than one version of the suit and after he figured Pete's whole power trip with it he figured he'd give it a shot himself. Now, the problem with this is that the suit started making moves and decisions, overriding Brock for the most part, as though it had the memories from it's being connected to Pete...

...only this suit was never attached to Pete. That was a different suit that had been destroyed. You read all the little boxes and character thoughts and it's all pointing to the suit knowing the whole of Pete's deal from his having worn it...which he didn't.

I like to think the guy's at Marvel aren't this dumb. Then again, they could've had a kegger in the office that day.

So, what's the deal with this mess?
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New member alert [Aug. 4th, 2004|09:33 pm]
The Daily Bugle
[mood |happyhappy]

I've been looking for a decent Spidey community and I think I like this one the best because it seems like the members have at least some understanding of the comics and aren't just "OMG TOBEY MAGUIRE IS HOTTTTxELEVENTY!!!!!@#!q!!!" Because yes, we all know that Tobey Maguire is hot, but it's because of the red and blue underwear.
I've become obsessed with Spider-Man but I started out with the comics first. If you guys haven't read Spider-Man: Blue, I highly suggest it. It's a six part series by Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb and it's what hooked me. I fell absolutely in love with Gwen Stacy (my boyfriend thinks it's hot like that, and... uh, nevermind), not to mention the storyline is perfect and the art is beautiful.
As far as Amazing goes, I'm midway through Essentials volume six... I think I left off on issue 118 or something. It's just before Gwen dies, but I've been skipping around a lot too. I've also been reading the more recent Amazing Spideys too... The current storyline is absolutely incredible and I was quite shocked by the last page of the most recent issue (510).
I also enjoy the Ultimate series (I didn't at first, though... I thought Peter looked too much like Harry Potter), and the latest issue came out today but I haven't picked it up yet. My boyfriend and I share all the trades that have come out, but we also have some individual issues as well.
And ironically, I have the most severe case of arachniphobia ever and the idea of a spider crawling anywhere near me keeps me up at night.
I don't know everything there is about the man named Peter Parker - I'm a fairly new Web-Head fan compared to some other fans. However, I absorb the comics like woah and I enjoy learning more about the history of Spider-Man and how he's evolved. Not to say I don't like the movies (I own the special edition box set for the first movie and I've seen Spidey 2 in theaters four times so far), but the comics have such an authentic history and I don't agree with some of the liberties they took in the movies (mainly, where's Gwen?).
I'm looking forward to having some great in-depth web slinging discussions here, so let the spectacular spider posting begin!

- Becky
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The Clone Era, in-depth and long [Jul. 15th, 2004|02:10 pm]
The Daily Bugle

I've been a huge Spiderman fan for years, but one thing that always confused me was the Clone Era.

It's Long, involving, stems through so many different titles and very very confusing.

Recently I've been trying to get more of a better understanding of it, and tonight I found the god of all web pages.


The above link is a 35 Page comprehensive look at the clone era/saga written by a Marvel Employee who has worked on many different titles of Spiderman and even some of the later Venom titled comics.

Its a must read, long but a must read. (i'm still only on page 8, but so far its a real eye-opener)

Feel free to use this sight for addition character backgrounds and visual information while you read. It as well is also a very comprehensive site.

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